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The All-Natural, All-Purpose Tonic You Need in Your Life

The All-Natural, All-Purpose Tonic You Need in Your Life

So… what is witch hazel? Witch hazel is a shrub that blooms with lots of little yellow flowers. As far as shrubs come, it’s quite pretty and can be found in most gardens! To use the shrub, however, you need the extract, which you can find in most pharmacies. Witch hazel extract is made from the shrub’s bark and leaves. When harvested this way, the extract works as a tannins-rich astringent, meaning that is causes skin to contract. It’s benefits don’t stop with skin, though!¬†Here are 7 amazing uses for witch hazel:

1. Use it to get rid of pesky dandruff flakes!

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Nobody likes dandruff… especially when you’re wearing black! Dandruff occurs when your scalp starts to flake, and the result can be itchy and rather unsightly. A great way to tackle that flakiness is to apply witch hazel extract! If you have dry, brittle hair, this solution isn’t for you. But, if you have oily hair, then applying a little bit of the extract before shampooing will remove excess skin and oil! Voila!

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