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Check Out The Cast of American Pie 17 Years Later!

Check Out The Cast of American Pie 17 Years Later!

Back in 1999, this little movie came out called American Pie… Remember it? A group of boys decide to make a pact – a virginity pact. Each guy vows to lose his virginity by prom night, leading to a crazy couple of weeks of shenanigans. The Weitz comedy became really popular upon its release, leading to over half a dozen sequels in the American Pie franchise. You’d never believe this, but in the first movie at least, there were a lot of big stars. Do you remember all of these cast members?

1. Thomas Ian Nicholas THEN

american pie


Nicholas played Kevin in American Pie, Jim’s horny friend that had a major crush on Vicky, the popular girl of the school. He had some of the most hilarious scenes of the whole movie!

You won’t beliebe what Kevin looks like now!

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